Inverter 1500W 24v Pure Sine Wave

For use in car,boats,trucks,trailers and mobile homes, caravans, and also simple solar system. Take the power inverter to portable and get power to run lamps, radios or TVs, and other house appliances. In an emergency such as blackout, attach the power inverter to your car battery or portable battery and get power to run your appliances. Ultra-Compact Metal Housing: Small and rugged: stored easily in any tool box, briefcase or glove compartment. Integrated Fuse Protection: Protects your battery and power inverter from damage due to outlet overload. The inverter can automatically detect low battery voltage and shut down to preserve the battery Overload protection: shutdown and alarm (integrated fuse protection, protects the battery, and power inverter from damage due to outlet overload) Output short: Output short circuit protection. Battery protection reverse: By fuse.
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